If you are interested in designing a totally unique frame, this is something we may be able to help with. Our centenary machinery is surprisingly flexible, and allows us to modulate a great deal of options. However, there are some constraints. The eye shape in particular is where you can unleash your creativity. Just send us a sketch with the shape you'd like, as well as all the relevant dimensions and we'll get back to you. For the remaider, the basis of your design must use the following:

Material Finish Bridge Temple
18 Karat Rolled Gold Shiny (Gold or Rhodium) Cresta bridge Hockey End
Engraved (Gold or Rhodium) W-bridge Curl
Matt (Gold or Rhodium) Thin W-bridge Beaufort Curl
Straight Cresta bridge Polo
Hockey End with Side Cover
Pear Tip

We charge a flat fee of $1750 for this kind of work. We will let you know, based on your design, whether additional charges will be needed.


It is also possible to order any of our existing models in solid gold, or design your own frame in solid gold (keeping in mind the above constraints).


Simply send us an e-mail to sales@savileroweyewear.com to discuss.