Beaufort Gold - Savile Row Eyewear
Model of the Year

Beaufort Gold

Savile Row presents its model of the year, Beaufort Gold. Beaufort is the best-selling model of the Timeless Classic line and is available also in the Palladio finish.

Available from: 837.00

Timeless Classic

Made in Italy Production

Beaufort is part of the Made in Italy Timeless Classic eyewear line, an expression of craftsmanship that comes from decades of mastery and dedication.
Panto Gold

A Choice
of Style

Panto Gold is another of the most elegant models in the Timeless Classic line. The result of an artisanal refinement that gives each of our models lightness and elegance. Panto is available in four versions: Gold, Palladium, Havana and Black.

Available from: €700.00

Warwick Black
Warwick Black

Innate elegance

Warwick Black is the iconic Savile Row glasses that made the Harry Potter character played by Daniel Radcliffe famous. Essential design and innate elegance for this model characterized by a sober and impeccable beauty.

Available from: €700.00

Timeless Cassic

The importance
of details

Each of our glasses is the result of a long production process that requires meticulous manual work made of experience, touch and millimetric perceptions.


A great revisited classic that adapts to all faces.

Available from: 700.00


Elegant energy for an essential silhouette, but with character.

Available from: 700.00



A classic shape that never tires. Vintage, but with style.

Available from: 700.00

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