Hagelins Optik

Introducing Hagelins Optik: Continuing a Legacy in Kalmar

Since March 2019, Hagelins Optik has been serving customers at Södra Långgatan 21 in Kalmar. However, this location holds a special significance, as it’s not the first time a Hagelin has opened an optical shop here. In 1984, Bernt Hagelin established his business in the same premises. After a considerable gap, returning to this location felt like closing a meaningful circle.

As a certified partner of Memira, the largest provider of vision correction treatments in the Nordic region, we offer comprehensive refractive surgery services. Our collaboration with Memira is centered in Kalmar, where Gustav, a key member of our team, is primarily based. While Gustav also spends a few days each week at our store in Växjö, Kalmar is where he can most frequently be found.

In addition to our advanced clinical operations, we provide the same extensive range of glasses and frames as our other stores. Our well-equipped workshop ensures efficient and precise service. Furthermore, we are proud to have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that contributes to our continued success.

At Hagelins Optik, we carry forward a legacy of excellence in Kalmar while offering a wide array of services and products to cater to our customers’ vision needs.

Hagelins Optik
Södra Långgatan 21
Kalmar 392 32
Phone: 0480 – 288 86
Email: hagelinsoptik@gmail.com
Url: http://www.hagelinsoptik.se