Salling C Optik

About Salling C Optik

We look you in the eye.

Eye contact. It is important to us. It goes without saying of course. We are opticians. We have to look you in the eyes to know what strength you need and we have to look you in the eyes to know what makes you look good.

But eye contact is especially important as it creates presence. And in addition to the skills to carry out a thorough eye examination, as well as grind and fit a glass to perfection, presence in our “optics” is the most important skill an optician must have.

Presence is important, as good service and advice require presence. For us, service and advice is about more than being able to give you the right prescription strength. That is crucial, of course. Fundamentally. But it is also important that you get the right glasses or lenses home, so that you both see well and look good, and that you have had a good experience choosing them.

Salling C Optik
Nørrebrogade 118
Copenhagen N 2200
Phone: +45 35 37 08 18