Sven voor Ogen

Introducing Sven voor Ogen: Your Vision Care Experts

Established in the summer of 2006, Sven voor Ogen is an optical store in Ruurlo dedicated to providing exceptional vision care. Our mission is simple: we strive to ensure good vision through glasses, contact lenses, and primary eye care. We believe that true visual clarity goes beyond stylish frames or quality lenses—it begins with maintaining optimal eye health.

To achieve this, we go the extra mile during every eye measurement. We capture a fundus photo, offering a glimpse into the retina’s condition. If we identify any issues that may affect your vision, we delve deeper. Our advanced techniques include OCT scans (similar to an MRI for the eye) and visual field examinations. Should the need arise, we will gladly refer you to an ophthalmologist or medical specialist.

When it comes to suboptimal vision or eye coordination challenges, we’re dedicated to finding the most effective solutions. We can suggest tailored exercises or recommend vision correction options to optimize your visual experience. In cases of discomfort such as dry or wet eyes, we conduct a tear film analysis to identify the underlying causes. Armed with this knowledge, we provide personalized treatment recommendations.

At Sven voor Ogen, your vision is our priority. We combine expertise, advanced diagnostics, and a commitment to your eye health to deliver unparalleled care. Experience the difference with us.

Sven voor Ogen
Dorpsstraat 17
Ruurlo 7261
Phone: 0573 – 45 46 29