Synvillan: Redefining Eye Care with Personal Touch

Since 2001, Synvillan has been dedicated to providing a distinct optical experience. Our focus is on offering the best in service, frames, and glasses to our customers. We believe in setting ourselves apart from the crowd, and we don’t need to shout the loudest to make an impact. Instead, we prioritize personal, safe, and modern eye care that leads the way in our industry.

In February 2017, we made a significant move from Köpmannagatan to our magnificent Villa, allowing us to offer a comprehensive solution that includes the expertise of ophthalmologists. This expansion has enhanced our ability to provide top-quality eye care.

At Synvillan, every frame is hand-picked, offering a unique and curated selection. From independent manufacturers to renowned fashion houses, we present a range of options that allow you to express your individuality. Our commitment to personalized advice ensures that we work closely with you to bring together your style, preferences, and needs, creating your favorite eyewear accessory.

Discover a new level of eye care at Synvillan, where we blend expertise, style, and personal attention to elevate your optical experience.

Postgatan 3
Kalix 952 33
Phone: 0923 - 777 72